Dr Irina Khovanskaya's academic credentials are the most impressive, but what is equally impressive to me is her ability to teach children to love and enjoy playing music on piano. Irina is very friendly and has a great sense of humor, but strict to challenge my children to achieve their bests in piano. My 14 year-old son and 12 year-old daughter have been taking piano and theory lessons from Irina for the last three years.

During the lessons leading up to their RCM examinations, Irina prepared them with mock exams, provided feedback, and polished their techniques. My children both achieved excellent results on their Grade 5 & 8 practical exams, and Intermediate theory exam. Aside from tests and techniques, Irina has gradually drawn out the "musical" personalities of my children. She teaches them how classical music should sound and "feel". I am sure that they will love and appreciate classical music for years to come.

Thank you, Irina, for leading Megan and Justin through their journeys, and for organizing those fantastic recitals!

Mrs. Lai


This teaching etablishment is amazing!!!

A few years ago, I have searched around to find a good piano teacher for my son who is now 11. Usually, some teachers use North-American methods which do not really help to advance piano skills. Other teachers use Japanese methods (Yamaha, Suzuki etc.) which are also a waste of money and time and do not teach notes.

Having found "Piano Synergy", I am oficially happy with my choice and will recommend these teachers to everyone, who wants to learn piano.

First of all, they are graduates of famous Moscow Conservatory in Russia, they have a great deal of experience not only in teaching but performing as well, which is VERY important in teaching. A teacher must be able to show a student how to acomplish certain tasks.

Secondly, the way they teach is truly remarkable. My son was struggling with piano for a few years before with other teachers and even did not want to continue playing. After we became a part of Piano Synegy, things have changed. My son started loving to practice! He studies with Dr. Ruslan. He showed my son some technical solutions. I was amaized how quickly my son picked up what he was told.

I like the way Ruslan and Irina are teaching. They are very dedicated teachers caring about every student. I know, I am talking to almost every parent at our recitals. By the way, they have two - one in June and another in December. We love recitals, they help my son not to worry before every performance, help him to gain more experience. We always looking forward to those recitals.

One should visit Ruslan and Irina's website. Not only they are great teachers, but also remarkable pianists!!!

I am glad I found this studio. Again, I would recommend Ruslan and Irina to all parents who want their children to learn piano, theory, music history and harmony.

I was looking for a good teacher, I have found a GREAT one!!!

Mrs. Chen