All monthly fees are due on the first lesson of each month. The method of payment is either cash or a personal check. If the check is bounced for any reason, the student is responsible for all the fees charged by our bank.


Advanced notice of at least 24 hours is required if the student is unable to attend his/her scheduled lesson. We will make our best effort to either reschedule the lesson to a different day and time or adjust the fee. If not notified in advance, we will be unable to adjust/refund the fee for the missed lesson or to reschedule it.

If the teacher has to miss a lesson, we will either reschedule the lesson or adjust the fee.

If a student no longer wishes to continue his/her lessons at Piano Synergy, a one-month advance notice is required.


We strongly encourage parents to be involved in their child's music education. We welcome parents to be present during lessons and to monitor their child's practice at home in order to achieve the best results possible.